“Anyone Can Be a Writer” How This Campaign Killed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. TikTok Is Next.

From 25 to 1,700 subscribers a day

The campaign, made by the Cabrera Brothers Company, was aimed to encourage first-time writers to send their work to their Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine. Interestingly enough, they choose not to use Social Media to promote it.

It all started with an email

Getting hold of one of the brothers wasn’t really that difficult as I thought it would be; it only took me about five weeks. Yeah. It turns out Javier was sort of “unavailable” at the moment. This is the automated reply I got:

They used text emails

The old saying “one image is worth a thousand words” doesn’t apply when you send an email campaign. For their “Anyone Can Be a Writer” campaign, the Cabrera Brothers decided it was best to keep things simple.

A photo of the original email (blurred address by me)

They used one link

Instead of packing their email campaign with half a dozen links and social sharing buttons, the brothers only used one link, the link to their campaign’s landing page.

Their landing page was meant to shock.

With so many articles written about what a landing page should be, I was surprised to see the approach the Cabrera Brothers took with theirs. As I mentioned before, their campaign’s landing page has only one logo, one title, a link for people to submit their work, and one short paragraph.

The email takes people to this landing page.

Their message was simple but powerful

Indecision. Lack of confidence. Self-doubt. Contrary to what we like to think, we are our worst enemies (and critics). So when the Cabrera Brothers reached out to their readers, their message was “Anyone Can Be a Writer,” not “You Can Be a Writer.”

“Just because someone has twenty, forty books published, it doesn’t mean he or she is smarter than the rest. Luckier, perhaps, but not smarter.”

When we discussed what they thought made so many share their campaign through email and not social media, they told me they believe it had to do with the type of message. “It is very personal,” they said, “people don’t want to share personal stuff on social media. That’s why you see so many private accounts.”

Never put all your eggs in one basket

But having found one powerful message that fits your campaign doesn’t mean you have to stop there. The brothers created at least ten other messages under the same concept for their campaign, each one pointing to different landing pages.


Growing your email list can be a painful process. Without investing any money on paid marketing, and without using Social Media, it can be even worse than slow; it can be tedious and time-consuming.



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Alessandra Horton

Alessandra Horton

Alessandra Horton is a freelance writer and editor rambling about marketing and the web. She is currently taking an indefinite hiatus from Twitter.