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Alessandra Horton
Scene from the movie Glengarry Ross — Alec Balding holding brass balls in front of his pants.
Scene from the movie Glengarry Ross — Alec Balding holding brass balls in front of his pants.

YOU MIGHT have noticed it by now: no matter how much effort and hard work you put behind all those recipes from various famous social media gurus and marketers, growing an audience feels impossible. It just doesn’t appear to be working anymore.

Your follower’s list is crawling like a snail. Your visits are diminishing by the hour, and your interaction with your current customers appears to be inexistent.

Online advertising is critical if you want your business to thrive in today’s world, so why is it that yours is not working?

There is a dark secret no marketing guru will…

What are the hottest social media trends for 2021? We took a look at which platforms are going to go biggest over the next three years and ranked them from top to bottom.

1 ) Instagram’s WeChat

What? WeChat? Yes, WeChat. No, Instagram will not buy WeChat, but it will get inspired from it as it happened a thousand times before.

Instagram will soon be rolling out new features that let users do everything from renting a car to booking a flight on their phone with just one tap, much like the Chinese app, WeChat. This new feature aims to make it easier for…

FRIDAY afternoon, I’m twelve, and I’m rushing back home with dreams of hot cocoa and after-school-snacks. In the living room, my brother is watching something on TV. The little old guy on the screen immediately catches my attention; he is crying his soul out as he sits around piles and piles of books on a deserted landscape, searching for his glasses. I’m watching the last couple of minutes of Time Enough At Last,” one of the finest Twilight Zone episodes ever written.

I remember thinking to myself, “gee, this show is unlike nothing I’ve ever heard of! …

When the Cabrera Brothers launched the Free Bundle website in 2014, something odd happened. Around 15,000 avid gamers subscribed to its newsletter on its first day online. By the end of the week, they had amassed around 120,000 email subscriptions from all over the world.

Oh. My. God.

It was an overnight success. You don’t see many of those.

Their strategy was simple; they created a website that showcased independent game developers’ work. People could download the games absolutely for free; no credit card needed, no PayPal, no commitments whatsoever.

At the time, the most relevant website of the type…

The first time I came across the “Anyone Can Be a Writer” campaign was through my sister-in-law. She forwarded me this cryptic email with a link I was kind of afraid to click on, to be honest. But since she usually calls me to comment on the things she sent me later (yes, she’s one of those), I had no choice.

Besides a link to submit my writing and a logo, the entire website was one shade of blue. The simplicity of it caught me by surprise. There were no photographs, no ten-minute explainer videos, no “buy one now” buttons…

By Alessandra Horton.

Update: at the time of writing this article, Nokia, AMC, Blackberry and others are being targeted by the so-called “Meme Stocks” crowd.

By now, you must have heard about what is being referred to everywhere as the “Meme Stocks” or “Wallstreetbets.”

If you haven’t yet, please read this article by James Surowiecki, a columnist for The New Yorker. He talks about how the stocks of video game retailer company “GameStop” were increased up to more than 160% by small investors posting on sites like Reddit and Robinhood in great detail.

What you most likely have not heard…

Alessandra Horton

Alessandra Horton is a freelance writer and editor rambling about marketing and the web. She is currently taking an indefinite hiatus from Twitter.

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